Cooling Services

Air Conditioner Repair & Service

A refrigeration and air conditioning system deserves a refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic (Just as your vehicle requires an auto mechanic) or technician. How a problem is identified and rectified can determine the reliability of the repair.

The first step to a cost effective repair is doing it correctly the first time, by an experienced refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic. Our initial diagnostic time is at no additional cost to you. Taking the necessary steps to offer you options and information about your breakdown is a complimentary part of our service.

Air Conditioner Maintenance & Care

An AC tune-up should be performed once per year, preferably in the spring time. Running your central air system for more than one cooling season without professional maintenance, can leave you at risk for breakdowns, costly repairs, leaks, poor air quality and higher than necessary operating costs.

A breakdown of your air conditioner is most likely to occur when refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics are at their busiest. Why wait for an expensive repair? True North Heating and Cooling can perform a thorough tune-up that will benefit your entire system, for far less cost and inconvenience.

True North is an authorized dealer of Lennox air conditioners. We also maintain, service and repair ALL BRANDS of central air units.

Air Conditioner Installations

Air conditioners are meant to bring comfort and air quality into your home. We offer a variety of models and brands ranging in SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). In most cases, the higher the SEER rating the more efficient and/or quieter the unit will be.

In addition to the manufacturer’s SEER rating a new air conditioner installed by True North Heating and Cooling will routinely include a TX Valve (thermal expansion valve). A TX Valve is like a refrigerant regulator and is always adjusting to the needs of the unit and is an inexpensive way to increase efficiency, have a more balanced system and improve the performance of your air conditioner.

Installation day is the most important day for your new air conditioner and a proper installation is determined by more than just a cooler home. The true secret to a long lasting, proper installation of your new air conditioner is an experienced refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic with a strong comprehension of such things as: the vacuum process, measurements afterwards, key techniques, prevention of leaks in your sealed unit/acidic refrigerant, a strong understanding of air properties and dynamics (psychrometric properties) and the refrigeration and air conditioning codes. Repairs (with or without warranty), cannot always correct the issues/techniques of a poor install. At True North Heating and Cooling these steps are done every time by a Journeyman Refrigeration and Air conditioning Mechanic.


True North Heating and Cooling installs both flow thru, powered and steam humidifiers. We can also repair and/or perform the maintenance on these types of humidifiers. The best opportunity for us to maintain your humidifier for you, is during your furnace maintenance appointment. This will minimize the cost to you by combining the visits to your home.

Bacteria, fungus and other health hazards that a drum humidifier can create as well as the maintenance involved is a far less favorable option. Rather than repairing a drum humidifier when it breaks down, consider installing a new humidifier that is much easier and safer to maintain.

Thermostats - Nest

True North Heating and Cooling offers options for your thermostat needs. Digital/programmable, communicating, or the NEST.

The NEST not only looks impressive on the wall because if it’s sleek design but it also has a lot of great features:

  • Learns your schedule so you don’t have to remember to change your programming (programming vs. utilizing the learning feature is also an option)
  • Easy wifi capabilities, monitor using a smart phone or tablet without additional cost/monthly fees
  • Records run times and energy savings
  • Prepare your climate before you arrive home

Too often people leave their air condition off all day, come home to a warm house and spend the best part of their evening waiting for the house to cool down, all to save energy. We relate this to unplugging your freezer and plugging it back in when the meat begins to thaw. This may be counterproductive towards saving energy because your system works continuously to cool the home after a long hot day. A more effective method would be to allow for a 2 or 3 degree increase while you are away. This will maintain a reasonable but not quite as cool climate and can the home can quickly cool down again when it is time. The NEST allows you to do this several ways including by logging in before you arrive home. Coming home to a comfortable climate is the benefit to having an air conditioner.

Air Quality

Air quality is a very important aspect that can affect your overall comfort and health.

  • Filters. We supply a variety of filters. Often, homeowners may be spending more money than necessary on the wrong type of filter, are not changing them as often as they should. Evaluating the filter being used can impact things such as the dust in your home, allergies and the overall performance of you HVAC system. For example, a homeowner may have a frozen air conditioner attributed to lack of air flow caused by a restrictive or dirty filter.
  • U.V bulbs. U.V bulbs (ultra violet energy) bulbs. We can supply your replacement bulbs to ensure they remain effective at reducing the exposure of air borne pollutants or can discuss the installation of a filtration system in your home.