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The Top Culprits of AC Service Calls

Cory Huppie - Thursday, September 07, 2017

Want to know the main reasons we are getting called out to fix air conditioners? Aside from an improper installation being part of the issue, there a few really common reasons behind the problems we fix. Lack of air flow, your Ac needs air like fish need water. Vents and return grilles are the inhale and exhale of your system. Blocking or closing these (even in the basement) suffocates the operation. The filter also affects air flow (a dirty filter or the wrong type). Know what kind of air restriction your system can handle from a filter vs. letting the packaging entice you to buy it. Next, is using it like a van vs. a conditioner. Read More >>

Can you guess what every one of our furnace breakdowns had in common?

Carmal Huppie - Friday, March 17, 2017

100% of our emergencies this past heating season were from homes that do NOT have annual mechanical maintenance and almost half of those emergencies could have been prevented if we had been permitted to perform our specific annual routine. Having heat is NOT an adequate indication that your furnace is safe or performing as it should. Read More >>

The best sale on furnaces and the cheapest air conditioners

Carmal Huppie - Tuesday, March 17, 2015

As furnace season ends and air conditioning season has yet to begin, this is an interesting time of year for our industry.  Read More >>