Heating Services

Furnace Repair & Service

In addition to being an authorized dealer of LENNOX furnaces and furnace parts we also repair ALL BRANDS of Furnaces and maintain an inventory of common furnace parts. When a specific part is needed we make it our priority to obtain the OEM part as quickly as possible (Original equipment manufacturers part) vs. a universal part.

At True North Heating and Cooling we know the first step to a quality furnace repair done right is an accurate diagnosis. Our initial diagnostic time is at no additional cost to you. Once we arrive, we take the necessary time to properly diagnose what went wrong and why, without the homeowner feeling like our time is their money.

Some furnace repairs can be as simple as a new part while in other cases the failed part is only a symptom of the real problem. In some cases an adjustment may be necessary to prevent another breakdown or failed part. That is one reason why the credentials of the technician are so important. Having a Journeyman gasfitter with the experience and training of the B-149 gas codes is essential to a successful repair done correctly.

Furnace Maintenance & Care

A furnace tune-up should be done once per year because nothing runs like brand new unless it is brand-new. Having heat is not an adequate indication that your furnace is safe and operating correctly.

Furnace maintenance is only necessary if you are concerned about safety, how long your furnace will last, how well it will perform, how reliable it will be throughout the winter and how expensive the long term repairs will be.

If a furnace mechanic has the opportunity to maintain and care for your furnace on a yearly basis the result for the homeowner is a safer furnace, a furnace that is more reliable, longer lasting, and a savings from preventing more expensive repairs.

Furnace Installations

We put furnace repair and maintenance first however, if the repair costs are adding up or your furnace has become unreliable it may be time to talk to us about your options for a new high efficient furnace. Since 2010, Canadian homeowners are required by law to install only high efficient furnaces into their home (min. of 90 percent efficient or higher). Less the 90 percent efficient is still permitted in other applications such as a garage heater. The new high efficient furnaces have more improvements than ever. In addition to being more efficient, new furnaces have more safeties, smaller cabinet sizes, tend to be quieter, have more features for comfort and can deliver/circulate more air volume then their older, same sized counterparts (CFM – cubic feet per minute).

A correct install is more than just looking good. The importance of a properly sized furnace, the correct slope, good drainage, quality materials, correct venting and termination are just some of the very crucial details that can directly affect the performance and life span of your furnace in the short term or can even create problems for your furnace after the warranty has lapsed.

Having a journeyman gasfitter with the education related to the B-149 gas code, a company that enforces these standards and genuinely cares about the long-term success of your furnace is important.

A FREE ESTIMATE offers a more accurate quote because every home is different.

Garage Heaters

True North Heating and Cooling offers service and repair for ALL BRANDS and types of garage heaters.

We install Lennox LF24 garage heater for almost any size garage or utility area. The Lennox LF24 has advanced features for efficiency and durability. Easy, innovative solutions for making your garage more usable and comfortable.

Our Garage heater installations require 2 visits from us with a gas inspection (from the city permit) in between. A garage heater installation by True North Heating and Cooling is done with precision. Safety and durability take precedence over a quick installation.

Hot Water Tanks

True North Heating and Cooling is available to repair or replace your existing hot water tank. When a hot water tank has become unreliable, hasn’t had regular maintenance, has poor water quality, or needs expensive repairs, often homeowners favor the installation of a new hot water tank over investing in their older tank(10yrs+). We believe in providing the homeowner with options and information to assist them in making the best decision for them. Our first priority is a safe, reliable water source and a happy customer.

We install strong, well known brands such as Rheem and O.A Smith. We routinely stock and install such types as: High efficient condensing power/direct vent, Power vent/ power direct vent and Gas atmospheric. These tanks have many different benefits such as energy star efficiency ratings, the Everkleen self-cleaning system, a premium patented magnesium anode rod, FVIR (flammable vapor ignitor resistant) and glass lined bottoms.

*Other brands and types may be available upon customer request


Humidification is the process of adding moisture to the air. Even though humidification is very important for indoor comfort, it is often over looked by homeowners because it cannot be seen or touched. When air is dry it will evaporate moisture leaving your skin feeling cooler. Adding humidity to your home means you may be to turn your thermostat down and actually feel warmer.

  • A humidifier can soothe irritation and dryness of your skin, nose, sinuses, throat and eyes
  • A properly humidified home can feel warmer, often permitting you to save on your heating consumption
  • Heat without humidification may dry out wood framing around doors and windows, leaving spaces that permit cold to infiltrate your home. It may also cause separation of wood floors, furniture, cracks in walls and ceilings

Thermostats - Nest

True North Heating and Cooling will routinely include a new programmable thermostat when you receive a new furnace from us at no additional cost, or may simply want to upgrade your thermostat to control your existing equipment. We offer options such as basic digital, communicating, or the NEST wifi thermostat.

As one of the very first certified NEST dealers in Edmonton, we have the necessary experience to correctly install your NEST or troubleshoot a problems with a previously installed NEST. An incorrect install isn’t always obvious right away and can prevent your from being able to heat your home. A change in season or even up to 1 year after the install, is when errors may be apparent. Put in correctly, the NEST is a cost effective, user friendly upgrade.

NEST. Improved comfort for the Heating season.

  • Peace of mind. Be aware of “no heat” issues when you are not at home
  • Convenience. Lying in bed, watching t.v or for the those with mobility concerns, a NEST will offer an improved level of convenience
  • Savings. Minimizes run times, records run times and saves energy

We often relate having a NEST to a car starter, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Air Quality

True North Heating and Cooling can install and/or replenish your air quality products.

  • U.V bulbs (ultra violet energy). Help with biological contaminants such as mold and bacteria, sterilization of heating and cooling equipment and reduces the exposure of air born pollutants. U.V bulbs should be changed every 12months to remain effective vs. waiting until they burn out
  • Filters. We recommend a variety of filters depending on the needs of your furnace, duct work and budget. Filters ranging from basic non-pleated to MERV rated filters (minimum efficiency reporting value). The higher the MERV rating from 1-16, the fewer particles and other contaminants can pass through it. Standard filters should be changed every 1-3months and MERV rated filters every 6-12months. A dirty or restrictive filter can affect the amount of dust in the air, allergies and the performance of your furnace

Due to the large varieties and sizes of air quality products and filters, we recommend you order your type and size at the time of booking your appointment with us. This will ensure you receive your product in the most convenient and cost effective manner.